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Sapphire is a supplier of high quality Office & Leisure Furniture. Both our client and product portfolio’s show great variation and flexibility covering a whole spectrum of interior work. “We see ourselves as part of your team and an extension of your company” good communication is key to helping the client achieve their expectations and goals.


Sapphire has the ability to handle projects from one-offs to global corporations with strict compliance and controls. We have 30 years of experience within the market place and we aim to guide our clients through the process of furniture procurement, workplace analysis, space planning ideas and showroom visits culminating in the installation and ongoing after-sales care and support Day 2.


Our flexible and dependable service ensures that our clients expectations and project deadlines are consistently met. We adopt a collaborative approach with our customers, with advice and support available from the early stages of your project through to product delivery.


The manufacturers we work hand in hand with, along with our own associated design & manufacturing facilities, give us the capabilities to cover most of the organisation’s requirements. “The most effective spaces bring people together and remove barriers, while providing sufficient privacy.”

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“Protecting the environment we have today, to provide for us all tomorrow!”

The manufacturers that Sapphire partner are all ecologically-conscious companies, striving to reduce their impact on the environment, and implementing manufacturing processes and policies, to help to protect our natural environment and resources.

Manufacturers such as Senator are at the forefront of ecologically sound manufacturing, aiming to lessen their environmental footprint, by evaluating and implementing environmental policies and standards throughout their worldwide organisation. An increasing number of our manufacturers are now accredited to the ISO 14001 environmental standards.

The environmental aims of our manufacturing companies are achieved by replacing substances in manufacturing that are harmful to the environment and ideally sourcing sustainable alternatives. Utilising renewable energies of solar, bio-fuel, wind and hydro energy schemes for production output, whilst reducing their energy consumption and raw material input.

Ensuring waste sorting practices are in line with the latest methods and waste is avoided wherever feasible and recycled whenever possible, thus creating a recycling process in production.

Adopting environmentally-conscious procurement, transport and logistic policies and implementing recovery schemes to take back used product in order that they can be recycled. Ensuring all research and development in designing new contract products considers their own environmental impact and footprint to protect the environment we have today, to provide for us all tomorrow!

Certifications & Experience

Our expertise in project planning makes procuring, delivering and installing commercial furniture a smooth, efficient process – even for large, complex projects.

are From initial planning to after-care, we consistently deliver high quality. This relies on the combined experience of our Project Managers and Site Managers.

We have been accredited with ISO 9001. The ISO 9000 family of quality management systems standards is designed to help organizations ensure that they meet the needs of customers and other stakeholders while meeting statutory and regulatory requirements related to a product or service

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