Amazon London HQ

Sapphire was contact by the head of JLL for Amazon who had previously worked for JP Morgan as Amazon’s new European HQ was severely behind the program and that the furniture for the building was still at the conception stage. Sapphire looked at the project in terms of budget along with the design concepts and put forward a proposal that meant that the program would be brought up to date and within the budget that had been set by JLL. Sapphire worked very closely with the architects and client to select products that suited the themes that had been agreed for the building and working with nearly 60 manufacturers we had selected we planned and set up a special Mock Up space where the furniture could be seen by the teams that would occupy the building. The selection process was carried out over a 2 week period with the final choices being put forward to be tendered. Amazon decided to go Full Height Adjustable with the desks providing additional budget with the Total Budget at £5.4million. Sapphire worked closely with the architect in the selection of the finishes and products to enable complete Budget Management making savings in excess of £600,000 and coming in after completion £100,000 under budget. Sapphire worked with several of the users directly to design special requirements they had ensuring that saving were made to achieve the additional requirements. After the Tender Process the final selections were made Sapphire finalised the planning and setting out of the furniture and processed orders to be placed in line with program. There were more than 30 manufacturers from all over Europe to liaise with ensuring that Health & Safety, the Installation Process, programming, snagging and sign off was fully controlled. Sapphire worked with all of the users Day 1 and on have contact with them on a Day 2 basis which is ongoing.

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