LSE – Student Centre

As the LSE’s incumbent furniture supplier since 2010 and as a nominated supplier on the LUPC on behalf of Senator we were included the Tender for the furniture for the new Student Centre designed by O’Donell & Tuomey Architects. Having just completed the previous year the 32 Lincoln’s Inn Field’s project for the LSE that had a value of £915,000 with great success and our continued competitive approach and the high quality of the products put forward in the Mock Up gave Sapphire the edge to get the decision to be included in this project. The project looked straight forward however the desk sizes were all non standard in terms of worktop depth & widths at 1500mm & 1200mm wide by 683.5mm deep – this suited Senator’s ability to be flexible and use their Core beam desk system to accommodate these exacting requirement. Mock up were made and approved. Other bespoke items within the project included solid European Oak tables with 45mm thick tops with an oil finish for the Café and the oval meeting tables accommodating power and data requirements – Sapphire tweaked the specifications to create working drawings to ensure functionality and ease in manufacturing. The project again has been very successful with a value of £327,000 all furniture supplied to program and all completed without any issues. This project has has been included in numerous awards the Stirling Award being the most prestigious and Sapphire Business Interiors are proud to be part of this.

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