Steristick – That Extra Layer of Protection


SteriStik manufacture an antimicrobial self-adhesive film, used to cover high touch surfaces within the workplace, which has antibacterial properties to restrict the growth of microbes.  This includes desks, door handles, stair bannister’s, lift panels, and large work surfaces in communal spaces such as break out areas and printer stations to create a safer environment.

The main benefit of our antimicrobial film covers is to offer continuous and permanent protection to kill bacteria which can cause contamination, odours and degradation.  SteriStik has Sterile Silver ion additives that are added to the antibacterial covers which eradicate the bacteria.  By stopping any bacteria existing on the covered areas, this denies bacteria to reproduce, therefore inhibiting any spread of infection. 

Give you and your staff members that confidence to return to work, in a safer workplace.

The most common surfaces to apply our antimicrobial covers to are work desks to ensure a safer workplace.  Recent studies show that over 20,000 germs exist per square inch on an average work desk – that’s 400 times more than on a toilet seat. Using SteriStik will kill bacteria the second the antibacterial covers adheres to the desk, giving instant hygiene benefits, creating a safer workplace.

Other areas where you may consider using our antimicrobial covers are:​

  • Break out areas (kitchen surfaces)
  • Tea points
  • Lift panels
  • Door handles
  • Bathroom doors
  • Bannisters
  • Operator chair arms

SteriStik uses antimicrobial additives which kills bacteria that causes contamination and infection. The SteriStik treated antimicrobial covers continuously release silver ions which kills bacteria by destabilising cell membranes, preventing respiration and inhibiting cell division. SteriStik has been tested by an independent laboratory, demonstrating efficacy against bacteria including Staphylococcus aureus and E. coli. Laboratory tests have been carried out to ensure our SteriStik antibacterial covers are 100% effective and provide 100% customer satisfaction. All active components are completely safe to your health and 100% effective to use within your safer workplace.

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